Our emphasis is on breathing techniques to help improve daily breathing habits, relieve symptoms of breathing disorders, and / or improve athletic performance.

We focus on young people, parents and a wide range of educators to create a new generation that is aware of the benefits and  techniques of good breathing, and can implement them easily and quickly for themselves and others.


What we do

We offer virtual sessions for individuals & groups that focus on helping kids & their support crews understand the importance of breathing well; learn a wide range of breathing techniques that come from various medical, physiotherapy and allied health practices; and use them in everyday life.

Breathing Coaching Webinars

Webinars for parents, adolescents, teachers, PE teachers and music teachers internationally.

Individual Breathing Coaching

One-to-one virtual breathing coaching sessions for children and adolescents with breathing issues.

Parent Breathing Coaching

One-to-one sessions for parents of children with breathing issues.

Group Breathing Sessions

Virtual and in-person group teaching sessions for adolescents or young sports teams.

Why breathing is important

Breathing well in childhood is important for brain development, concentration, sleep and facial development.

Poor breathing habits can affect brain function, concentration, sleep, anxiety, face shape, digestion, the cardiovascular system, posture and contribute to pain

We need to think about our children’s breathing health in the same way as we think about their physical, mental & emotional health as it is fundamental to all these.

Breathing is a necessity, but can also be an important life skill to help manage emotions, stress and anxiety, and is best learnt as a child.

Don’t leave your child to figure these skills out as adults, give them the gift of these skills now for the best chance at a happy & healthy life. Parents also often tell us they’ve learnt a thing or two along the way!

Breathe happy, be happy!

Things you might not know about breathing

Breathing might seem like something you don’t have to think about, and for some that is the case, but many people deal with the daily effects of not breathing well and most don’t even realise that their breathing is contributing to their poor quality of life.

million children receive treatment for asthma in the UK annually.

Average number of breaths you take in a day

% of children are mouth breathers

% increase O2 uptake though nasal breathing

About our founder

I am a South African physiotherapist with over 14 years experience in Respiratory physiotherapy, and have specialised in peadiatric (children & adolescent) respiratory physiotherapy in the UK for the last ten years.

Registered in both the UK and South Africa with experience across all aspects of respiratory physiotherapy (ie.Adult ICU, Peads ICU, Neonatal ICU, Cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary rehabilitation & general respiratiory physio), I am committed to helping children and adolescents with asthma, breathing pattern disorders, and exercise induced laryngeal obstruction.

Apart from clinical physiotherapy training and specialist breathing focus, I am also a trained Buteyko practicioner.

I am passionate about my work and want to bring breathing education to as many children, adolescents, schools and families as possible in the UK, South Africa and abroad.

In my free time I love yoga (which is a great complimentary exercise to good breathing), I exercise regularly, love the outdoors and cooking. I also love travelling and experiencing new cultures and cuisines. I try my best to get home to South Africa yearly to spend precious time with family and friends.

Clare-Louise Chadwick

Founder, The Happy Breathing Clinic

Our breathing services

We offer a range of virtual and in-person breathing coaching and educational services

South African and international services available by request

What some of our patients have said

I am so grateful you have helped me so much with my breathing, I haven’t been able to run for years and now I can run for over 30minutes

17 y/o young person with exercise related breathing difficulties (EILO)

“I can now stay over at my firends house because I don’t snore anymore and I dont have to worry about my breathing”

16 y/o young person with asthma and chronic mouth breathing

I have suffered from asthma for 48 years and I have learnt more in the last hour about asthma than I have my entire life

Parent of 13 y/o child with asthma

“We have been under difficult asthma for over 4 years and your last 3 sessions have been the more helpful than all the sessions put together over the last 4 years

Family of 15y/o child with asthma and EILO

Lets get you breathing happy!

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